Friday, March 2, 2012

Oatmeal and Pudding Neighborhood Friends

Kitties, Doggies, and Bunnies

All sold at Blue Windows in Belmont Shore

Last Easter I decided I wanted to give Micah something special in his Easter Basket. I was at dollar tree and I noticed some stuffed animals that were made in China, and I thought...anyone can buy a stuffed animal that is made as cheaply as possible by either machines or factory workers and give it to a child...but how much more special to give one that was made special, just for them. So, I looked at some pictures in books and drew up my own pattern, and made a few bunnies to give as gifts. Next I made just a few and sold them last Easter at Blue Windows. Above were the animals I made for the Harvest Festival at Blue Windows in October, I added kitties and doggies. I am always sewing these days. This year Micah is getting a bigger excited to give it to him. I've been so blessed to stumble upon making and selling these. I hope the children are equally as blessed by them and that they look at them when they are older with fond memories of a sweet childhood.

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