Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Searching...

I never realized how hard finding the perfect media center is!  So difficult....I have been searching everyday for the perfect piece of furniture...while Micah continues to put his fingerprints all over our TV!  I just came across this before and after picture of a stereo cabinet that has been redone.  This would be PERFECT for us!  It has glass doors and lots of cute. The search continues...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tillandsia Plant Chandelier

We have a corner in our bedroom that needs some greenery so I decided to make a Tillandsia Plant Chandelier.  We don't get a ton of light in our place so i decided to go with air plants. :)  I came across this idea on another blog when I was looking online for where to by the plants.   Just hang these candle holders from some twine, place the plants in the holders and hang them all from a cute hook.  So fun!

$3.95 each from  

Aged Bird Hook from Elizabeth's Embellishments $7.95. Here is a link: 

 Here is a link to the blog that I got this idea from:

I'll post pics when its up!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Hunt for a New Entertainment Center

A few weeks ago the Lord blessed Kevin and me with a great deal on a new bed.  We are SO thankful, especially when Micah needs to share our bed with us because he takes up a LOT of room.  While we were at IKEA picking up our new bed frame, we were looking at entertainment units.  I'm trying to not buy IKEA furniture because, since we've been married, only a few pieces of furniture have NOT been from IKEA.  So anyway, we were just checking them out and the only one I actually liked was this
It is so cute, but I've decided that I really would rather find something vintage and fix it up myself.  So we are on the hunt for something super cool for our living room...before Micah destroys our flat screen (yikes!). Here are some inspiring pics...adorable pieces!