Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Every year we try to visit a new restaurant for our anniversary.  This year we went to Naples Rib Company.  It was good...I got a steak and ribs plate.  We celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday so we were basically the only customers in the restaurant.  They were so happy to have us. :)  Kev got me the k+j necklace that I wanted and some knit and crochet stuff. I love everything so much! :)  I got him P90X because he wanted it, plus I got him 2 cook books, a gift card to williams-sonoma and I painted him a picture of when we were snowed in, in Big Bear. (I give gifts to show people I love them).  Here are some pics of our 6th! :)

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  1. What a nice anniversary you had! So that's where you went!!! What I'd like to know is where's the photo of your painting?